Financing is the key to investing in today’s market!

Created at : Nov 9, 2022

With today's high interest rates, an alternative to traditional financing allows your retirement funds to work for you now—without taxes, penalty, or debt. Self-directed 401(k) programs will provide the structure to begin leveraging your existing 401(k), IRA or other qualified pre-tax retirement savings to fund a franchise or other small business.

If you have money in a 401(k), IRA, profit-sharing or pension plan, unlocking those funds will allow you to capitalize your new business. You can use your money for initial franchise fees, equipment, leasehold improvements, working capital or other expenses. Best of all, self-directing allows you to tap retirement funds without the taxes and penalties that can cost up to 50% of your money if taken as a distribution.


· Invest retirement funds in your business without tax or penalties

· Gain financial value and freedom from owning your own business

· Accumulate wealth

· Plan for retirement

· Profit from tax deferrals

· Attract and retain quality employees

Franchise Sales Connection works closely with funding experts. Funding your dreams for your next great business adventure may not be beyond your reach. A diverse team of experts with backgrounds in accounting, tax law, small-business ownership and franchising, can help entrepreneurs fund ventures through a variety of solutions.

Franchise Sales Connection has a strategy referral partnership with Directed Equity, the leader in small business finance, and they work closely with our clients to explore funding options to make dreams of business ownership, employment independence and wealth accumulation a reality. Contact Bill Thomas at or 303.552.0440 to learn more about financing options and the unique self-directed retirement fund option.